A False God

Monkey business

Waking up with shouting and a shit ton of “friends” outside the inn. As Tamen watches from the safety of the carriage they rest of the party try to get out. It turns out Smash-e made these friends and told them everything about his master. After smashing a hole in the back of the inn and making a run for it. They head out the north gate and travel to Alel. After a day of traveling Tamen gets a smell of death. After finding a rotting eaten corpse. After investigating it they don’t find anything interesting and travel on, but about 10 feet later 4 arms stick out from the trees and maul’s Kelgath. They then rip it to shreds, and try to find its home. They find it and dig through the bodies, and find an amulet that has what looks like Boxing gloves on it. They try seeing if it does anything by punching each other.

Getting hungry and thinking that time is of the essences, so they make s fire on the roof to cook a deer Kelgath caught. Just then they see fire off in the distance. They go to investigate; they find that it is a huge wall around the land of Alel.

After convincing the Guard to let them through. Continuing on, they make it to a canyon; they stop to see if there is an ambush. after not seeing anything they go on in, about half way through they hear something from above, it’s a huge bolder. Tamen jumps to the back of the carriage to get it out of the way of the rock. But then Tamen is in the way, barely making it. They then continue on for the next day or 2. Then they make it to Alel. Getting to the main gate a guard starts questioning. They convince him that they are just traveling. They find an inn and go to stay the night.



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