A False God

Minotaur's Maze

Minotaur's Maze

The adventurers settle down for the night in the tavern of Pavel. Tamen figures that free room and board for the night might mean something bad, so she decides to sneak out into the forest and sleep in a tree. Half way through the night she hears some singing under her tree, she peers down and sees Badger (the goblin) humming a tune and wandering off with his badgers. So Tamen decides to hop down and offers him a meal. Badger gladly takes the free food and sits and talks with her for a short while. After the meal they say their goodbyes and off Badger goes.

The sun comes over the peak just as the different members of the party start to wake. The Barbarian wakes up eager to get into some type of fight. So the bard follows figuring he has nothing better to do. They enter a bar and find a couple of semi big people. Looking like a wimp, he challenges them to a fight. The first big man chucks a chair at the barbarian, barely doing anything to him. The barbarian barely knowing his strength punches back, ending with his hand though the mans head. Figuring staying would be a bad idea the barbarian and bard both head out. A cloaked man from the bar follows. They try losing him by running into an ally. But the man easily follows. Cornered they are forced to confront him. He approaches and starts simple conversation, ending with them joining for the sake of the prophecy. He tells them he knows the location of one of the temples the prophecy talks of. So they decide to group back up and head there. They find Tamen heading out of a shop with a new dagger. She smells the new guy and starts with dislike. But she talks to the rest of the party about running into Badger. With a slamming door and a couple of mins past, the mayor heads toward them with 3 guards behind him. Mayor “So I hear you guys didn’t kill off the badgers?” stumbling over their words and making things a bit worse the barbarian then intimidates the guards and then Tamen brought up the fact that Badger was leaving this land. The mayor still shaken, agrees that is good enough. The party, seeing this is the best time to leave, heads out. After walking a couple of minutes the bard remembers the horse and carriage and runs back to get them.

After about a full day of travel they see smoke from what looks like a large fire. They decide to investigate, the closer they get the worse it smells. The barabrian coming through the clearing first sees something that makes him rage instantly. “Ogres!” with a roar the whole party charges in with the barbarian leading the pack. After slaughtering the ogres the barbarian heads back and falls asleep on top of the carriage. After looting and not finding much they continue to the temple, deciding to ride all night to make good time. They arrive there at about 1am. they see a huge stone cube with tons of old growth and what looks like fresh footsteps. Entering into the cube and using something they remember from classes, they take every left they can. Walking through a couple of traps only Diriss Fightingclaw (the ranger) gets hurt, they get to the other side of the maze. While walking the barbarian spots a stone sticking from the wall just a hair. After poking and prodding it, they realize it is not a trap and pull it out. There’s a lever in the back part which Tamen pulls and the wall next to them opens. They just walk right in, right into the minotaur’s trap. As the party was about to follow a large beast smashes Tamen into the wall. They all jump on this thing. After killing it the barbarian grabs his large weapon in greed, right as his hands wrap around it it shrinks down to his size and starts to talk….talk their ears off. They ask it a couple of questions and it answers with the best of its knowledge. They search the minotaur’s room and find another one of these stones. the bard pulls it free, sees a bag and grabs it. This activates a trap that shoots darts into his arm, dealing strength damage. He collapses. They then open the bag and find a stone in it. The stone has what looks like writing on one side and something on the other but they can’t make out the other. Tamen then searchs the maze looking for other goods and finds some armor and bodies, as well as some gold, after setting everything off.

They now pack everything up and head off to the main city of this region. Tamen decides to pull the cart by hand and in doing so the horse almost dies to to exhaustion. Arriving at the gates they scream as though they have been attacked by adventurers. They make up a story and head in. The guards lock the gates. Just then they hear singing coming from underneath them. A bulette pops out with 2 halflings on it and 10 more following in single file line. Then the scariest looking thing ever comes out behind them. The bard whispers to the party that it is a dwarf…a scary looking one. He remembers the story of this dwarf, an adventurer that the land fears due to his powers. They follow him as he marches straight to the castle. A man stumbles out of a bar and bumps into one of his halflings. They witness the dwarf as he pulls a large hammer from his belt and throws it through the mans head. Then they continue walking to the castle. Osker (the dwarf) sees a halfling running so he does a huge leap smashing the ground and sending a shockwave that trips and makes the halfing fall to the ground. He then walks to the halfling picks him up and puts him into the formation. And then they continue walking. They get to the castle and a couple of the halflings march in as does Osker. While the rest wait outside. Osker comes back just as the same halfling starts to run. One of the halflings standing in the formation trips the runner. Osker pulls the pole from his back and sticks the rock looking thing on the halfling. Just then all the halflings that went in come out with carts and carts of food. They march back the way they came. Just as they reach the hole the 2 halflings riding the bulette stand and start singing and dancing. This cheers Osker up.

The party then splits to find gear in the town. The barbarian and bard decide to go to a bar and swindle people out of money. The barbarian then looks like an old lady that’s drunk then tries to arm wrestle people. After beating a couple of people they then decide to all go get their rooms for the night.



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