A False God

fresh out


The bells ring in the court yard of the the academy, everyone gathers around to see what the commotion is. There the dean stood at a podium along with all the other professors. The dean speaks, “The prophecy has begone, today you will be placed with party’s and only one of these party’s will fulfill it.” Calling up every student but 3, and giving the leader of each party a scroll. The barbaric student that didnt get called gets angry that he is not able to get one of these scrolls. The dean speaks again, “All those who didnt get a party you will have to wait for the next quest. Now if the parties would be off to rest for their big adventure.” After everyone leaves the court yard the 3 who didn’t get called just stand there not knowing what to do. Just then the barbarian expresses his anger and cleaves the podium in two. People come to inspect the sound, the barbarian then morphs to look like the podium but they see through it. So the 3 students then scatter and meet up at the barbarians room. After contemplating for a bit they come to the conclusion “We are going on this adventure”. So the barbarian then disguises himself as the rogue of one of the weakest parties they saw to convince the leader to follow him somewhere (a paladin). Finally convincing him to follow him into his room the students then beat him unconscious. Now the barbarian looks like the paladin and travels to his room to search for the scroll. Entering the room he finds the rogue “hiding” the scroll. They then talk, the rogue leaves a little suspicious of the “paladin” (barbarian). Not finding anything the barbarian then goes back to his room and talks with the other outcasts. They decide to go back to the room and search themselves. They do find it this time and then “argue” over it so that those who might be listening would not discover them. The were-creature then sees something outside and dives through the window shattering it to pieces. He then runs after the spy, but loses him quickly. They then go back to the room finding that the paladin gone and the window open. They then decide that they are going to need to get a boat before they leave in the morning. Arriving at the ships they realize that the ships require more people to crew it, so they hide in boxes and ride it to the main land. Arriving at the main land they then wait for people to clear and spring from the boxes and run like they have just been freed from slavery. They find the party in town and so the barbarian trying to be nice turns into a kid and delivers the scroll back after they memorize it. The party takes it then quickly realizes that it means the outcasts are here! The out casts then leave town as fast as possible and set up camp, little did they know the rogue found them quick and the party went to go have some fun. The rogue stole a little then pushed the were-creature out of the tree. They all fight with the outcasts. Coming out on top, the other party tries to play it off and leaves. So the outcasts then sleep again. The rogue saw the opportunity and came back to steal the were-creatures silver pendant and ate a little of his food.

The next day they decide to go back to the town and get a horse to travel to the next town. the barbarian looks like the paladin and travels into town asking for 3 horses but only finds one horse and a carriage. He then tries to barter for it with the stable master. In bartering he slips and calls himself an adventurer. The stable master’s eyes grow wide and he runs screaming. The guards quickly came. The bard hopped on the carriage and took off with the barbarian morphed into a maiden to throw them off their track. Off the party went on the little dirt path. After what seemed like forever they saw something metal sticking out from a bush. They confront it and it disappeared so they investigate. The barbarian cleaves the bush. They find a hole that the were-creature goes in and finds more holes and comes out to tell the party. Then he is grabbed and pulled into a group of badgers. The party shows up and and kills a lot of them. When a goblin pleas for them to stop and then says he’ll give them something if they let them go. They get the sliver pendant back. They then go to the next town called Pavel. They get free room and board for the night for killing the badgers, the party then heads to their room for sleep.



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